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If you love to polish yourself to a better version of yourself, well you are the right place.

We human beings are phenomenally escalating higher, with fast phasing technology and new inventions to make life easy. for example, we invented the wheel followed by the cart, later we upgraded to a bicycle and then we invented the car and ever since never stopped.

life is also very similar you have to move through phases to define yourself and moreover to identify your space and the effect you ripple on your surroundings.

Here you will find all flavours of life scribbled with a tinge of emotions.

A personal journey, which I am sure many can relate

Who am I?

An inquisitive, God loving and nature admiring: who is exploring life as it comes.

I began writing at a very young age mostly to express my feelings. At age of 10, I wrote my first essay and won the first prize in school. Being a multi-passionate person writing took back seat (still enjoyed writing quotes). while I was relishing other things in life, I still managed to have decent bylines in my kitty from college activities and interning a national newspaper with a postgraduate degree at the end.

Soon after my MA, I got married and moved with my husband to settle down in a new life in the middle east. As an expatriate am not only exploring new place but rediscovering myself in the tinsel.

As I continue to learn new things each day and expand my own ideas about what it means to live a fully creative and meaningful life.

Wadoodpen is created to jot little things that would help everyone to create a balance to cherish each moment and live a fulfilling yet satisfying life. This page will walk you through all the shenanigans that life has to offer.

We are just getting started.

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