The blame game: he said, she said.

Information is vital for human communication, as its the medium, we establish ideas and progress through it. Within this journey, we accumulate knowledge and pass it down as an heirloom to the next generation. But what if this communication tool is tampered to create some life-altering and damaging things. What if I tell you it doesn’t have to be explosives or arsonist, but like a spell of magic the word of destruction can be done.

Sadly, there is no evidence left behind to confidently say that a particular person started it all or is responsible for the destruction, Because, my friends tell tales are passed down with no proof of who said? which my friends are popularly known as social norms that we have curated for our own comforts, like superstitions and role play (referring to the non-theology ones) I am sure you must have heard at least one, which is just a tradition that is forced on all generations. Though we all follow mainstream religion; Islam, Christianity, Jews and etc…we are again divided into subcategories for the culture we choose to follow. We are still different just like two fingers aren’t alike no faiths are alike (bullshit), cause we still are part of the same hand. The irony here is we all preach the same things; love, peace and respect. 

Just like a baby wrapped in a soft blanket for comfort, we have woven ourselves into human tales that hinder us all living a life that is fulfilling. As a child grows out of his blanky and toy stage but we adults haven’t outgrown of stereotyping, sexism and racism. We still find pleasure blindly following senseless social norms that eat aways freedom of a person cause of rigid role play. For example, the role play society pushes on the couple. that strains a marriage coz of constant social pressure to be fitting man and wife, than a life partner to each other with love and integrity. Men are trained from young to buckle up emotions and act tough, whereas women are taught young to hold low self-esteem and just follow. This was the story of 20 years ago but sadness it’s still in play. Today if a man decides to be an active part of his child growth; he is boo for not being a man enough. If a woman decides to have a career with a child, her moral is questioned to pick what defines her but still boo for all the choices she makes.

As a child learns how to eat and play, kids pick this mentality from home, the society they are part of and pass it on as a heritage to next. When you question why is it done, there is no logic and surprisingly no theology too. Women are mainly subjected to this game and when they finally give up, they are again pushed back saying ‘Hey its not word of God, I’m sorry your family didn’t treat you right, parents treated you inequal with your brother or sister, sorry your in-laws did that to your marriage, oh no your spouse was not suppose to do that, its sad that your kids did that, terrible that a colleague is a jerk..etc. Well, you should know theology is the word of God and culture is man-made, so what you face mainly is he said she said part so go back and do well for yourselves. I consider it satan work to demolish peace and we are lending a hand in this work with curbing people for EGO pleasure 1 or 2. People fail to notice that this creates invisible cracks. Don’t get me wrong I love the theology I practice but its the culture that bothers me and how a single said word can be used in multiple dimension and can be used in the blame game. I am not questioning the loyalties but I’m pointing out the nose job that society plays, pricking the thorns in a smooth going life by creating self-doubt and barriers of shame that doesn’t allow the people to enjoy each other company to fullest.

Just like a bedtime story many tales are weaved which still hold no origin, ask them why this ritual or social practice and they have no answer. I hate how theology is practice on the same ground, like an ignorant heirloom than being a conscious learner of faith. Where it is the story of she said and he said but lives are ruins for best. Have you ever feel a constant need to justify your actions? I surely do.  As am currently vacationing in India; I went straight to my in-laws and spent a month, every time I’m travelling I hear stories of co-passengers and people around, I see and hear how we live to please others or to pull them down a classic blame game in real, we are in fact not connecting or living merrily together but just gaslighting to keep our ego alive to showcase power. To say we get along well with a mask in search of the invisible wall of fame for keeping the heritage alive. What we fail to notice is that we all are sadly isolated cause of no privacy and not able to let go. We all have different priorities and goals to concern but we stop each other with role play that has no authentic history. Thankfully people are identifying and actively promoting equal payroll, cutting on the domestic drama for prosperity in the relationship. It’s a breath of fresh air when people focus on inner growth, whether its spirituality, a career or bonding with the family free of drama. I surely don’t like being associated with limited conjure that held us confined, not to forget its not God wills or purpose of anyone’s life. I am excited when I see and hear old and new mentality heading to cut off he said she said tales to strike balance to live happily together. 

Too much said but honestly, they are people who are too busy investing each other’s life and bully the one who is not a culturally active person because they choose to live their prime to fulfil their dreams than being a statue of fame for some egocentric people;) 

Nevertheless, It would be dream come true when people just live and let live. As long a person is responsibly handling his or her life in a good way, stop bothering them and focus on more serious problems in life, like yourself. 




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