No Gadgets for kids

The sky was clear as the sunshine bright, the birds sang along with flutes of breeze, a perfect day to enjoy the weekend. Everyone is determined to make best of it as the traffic moved at a snail speed, vehicles honking at the street. There in the middle of the string of cars was a small family heading towards the theme park, Tim was grumpy sitting in his car seat. He swirled to look around to see if at all its going to end. All he could see was a string of crowd. He said himself ‘what a wasteful day’ muttering himself. He could have been happy at home playing his game.
While mom and dad were enjoying the radio music, Tim’s sister bitty sang through it. Tim was missing his play station now. He asked his mom with the frown, ‘can you pass me the phone! I’m getting bored’. Mom and dad looked at each other with surprise.
Asked him what’s the matter? Tim said angrily, ‘I never wanted to come here, I wish to play on the phone’. Dad was furious with his tone and said ‘son you better talk nice to your mom or you are in trouble’. Tim was quiet but still irritated sitting in the car stuck in the traffic. Mom swiftly passed the phone and said ‘sure you can have the phone play on it and enjoy yourself. However, me, dad and bitty will continue our journey to the theme park. You are allowed to accompany us but as you wished you can enjoy on the phone and nobody will disturb. Tim said thanks and grabbed the phone.
Soon the traffic started moving and they were at last at the destination. Bitty was jumping with joy. Tim was still busy playing on the phone. All went in with tickets and were excited. Mom and dad had look at Tim, he was busy and wasn’t interested to look around at the fun things around him. He found a bench and was engrossed in his game.

Mom, dad, and bitty ignored him and decided to enjoy themselves. By now they were having so much fun on the water rides, exciting games and were cheering in the joy that they have so much more to explore. Tim was alone sitting with his eyes glued to the phone. Suddenly Tim notice the excitement around. Kids playing with each other, enjoying fun rides with parents, Buying colourful balloons, mouth-watering candy, and exciting toys, They look so happy having fun without the phone. They all ran, laughed, played and slide the giggles were the delight. He saw parents hugging and kissing their child and realized that his parents are long from his sight. He looked around found bitty and his parents enjoying a water ride. Tears rolled as he saw they were having fun without him. He went to them asked if he could join, to which bitty sarcastically said ‘but you didn’t want to be here and wished to play the game on phone’. Hearing this Tim burst out in tears, he cried to his parents apologizing for his behaviour. Mom and dad smiled at him that he finally realized that gadgets don’t bring so much joy. They hugged him and said Gadgets are not for kids and they all had a wonderful time at the park.
Moral: happiness is to spend time with friends and family, not with gadgets.


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