Fear of judgement (Fojo)

The countable years I have lived I have seen that life is that of snake and ladder, you and I are just a pawn on the board. Every dice chance we gamble, we are in fear of being eaten by a snake counter to real life being judged.

It is a very sad play of society we live in. I am sure its part of not just one but actively participated in all the communities we live in. We are constantly judged and we are not apologetic about it!

Just think about how many times you had to explain yourself over a personal action in fear of judgement. I don’t know about you but I have.
The other day when I was travelling back to India, I saw young women travelling alone with 4 months old infant. Like most passengers, I thought she might be visiting her family post delivery back in the homeland. I was very surprised to know that my co-passenger was actually flying related to work and that moment it hit me hard that I was judging or have misread.

Don’t shoot but freeze your judgement.

How many times in life you must have casually thrown an inferior comment of judgement or been a victim to one. All I remember is that I have been the latter part because of it, I have been too careful to live. But then I’m a human and humans do make mistakes but we can either learn from it or pile it up and become the unpleasant version of ourselves.

They are so many daily incidents that life itself looks bitter. One such incident that spoke to me was when one noblewoman happened to visit us with her kids to greet. She must be in her middle-age, dressed modestly. As she was about to leave, I notice that she wore a pretty burgundy lipstick and it complimented her so well. The moment she left us with goodbye my co-host immediately snapped “How ugly she looks with lipstick and went on and said whether it was necessary for her age” I was so stunted with her words that, I wondered how must she be judging me behind my back.

I didn’t feel anything wrong with her or any women applying lipstick. I feel we should do what we think is right and make us happy. But, somehow women always pull down each other down. If you like it or not, refrain from giving your judgement. A compliment is good but if you have to discourage then do it respectfully, Cause at the end she did for her own happiness, not for anyone’s attention.

This isn’t just dressing we are talking about, we are judged for everyday choices like, what we eat, how we should behave or dress, what kind of lifestyle are we living. Raise your hand if you have heard anyone of this, why is your parenting so different? why did you start working at the tender age of your child? why did you put on weight? how did you lose weight (done surgery)? why don’t you have kids yet (must be infertility)? Why don’t you earn (oh lazy)? physical appearance, moral believes (s***** or purity), How you grief is also condemned..etc

What you do and don’t do is scrutinised under the sun to judge.

The worst I experienced was to know whether I was religious enough or not. I mean Hellooo, I can’t take my prayer mat and do a public show just to make you believe that I do. Or even dress in a certain way just to get approved of you. Or recite/chant inaudible way so that you know that I know my faith.

Religion is between you and the creator. Who are we to judge each other? Just give me a good reason why should we justify, why and by the way what grounds do we think it’s a good practice? how are we authorised? Are we the creator and destroyer of the world? Are we at least appointed as left men or right men by the Lord? Then let’s mind our own business.

Fear the creator of All and the day of the apocalypse.

we all sin in different ways cause we are humans.

The best sinners are those who seek repentance – Al Quran

If you feel the itch to correct someone do it politely with love and affection, cause that’s what Lord preach love and kindness (the most ignored rule of any religion).

The last thing anyone doesn’t want is social anxiety disorder that doesn’t allow people to live their best potential.

So, Just Live and let live.

#stopjudgemnet #sayno

Mike drop!!

p.s ( I’m not bashing anyone or am I ? 😉😜)


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