Say “NO” to keep your sanity.

The world is full of sniders who take advantage of the meek. I am sure you know some of them who do the deed. They breathe down the neck and are comfortable invading someone personal territory. It is sad that little red riding hood is a set reality, where meek wear the blood cape and sniders are the vile wolfs. If you read the story or even watched it, you know how it ends.

At times being too nice and selfless gets us in trouble if not physical or mental.

Don’t get me wrong pleasing people is essential as we always please someone or the other, whether it’s a superior at work or friend that you can’t take of your back or a family that is way too demanding or even your pessimist self. I have been there it’s frustrating when someone doesn’t understand that they are in your personal space and breathing down your neck. This my friend is not nice because you are the ultimate sufferer. Take a moment to acknowledge it, the moment it hits you crumble inside because I still do but now I don’t intend to please others but rather please myself and the creator of all.

Learning to say No is one of the difficult change I ever made to myself and still learning. As a person who always catered to others before self, learned hard way how boundaries get blurred and how easily you are walked over.

Take a moment and evaluate yourself, if you could relate then you should step up to protect yourself and not let people take advantage as you serve others for your own joy.

Learn to say NO.

Say no to pity talk,

Say no to negative thoughts,

Say no to pushovers,

Say no to manipulation,

Say no to being average,

Say no to opinions,

Say no to flashbacks,

Say no to critiques,

Say no to insecurities,

Say no to excuses,

Say no to comparisons,

Say no to explanations,

Say no to distractions,

Say no to abuses,

Say no to bad habits,

Say no to fear,

Say no to indecisions,

Say no to waiting,

Say no to cheap company,

Say no to turning back,

Say no to regrets,

Say no to self-doubts,

Say no to self-hate.

Say no to everything that steals away your sanity and integrity.

Just remember the wolf took advantage because the little red riding hood was too nice.



One thought on “Say “NO” to keep your sanity.

  1. ST says:

    Reblogged this on Wadoodpen and commented:

    Well, 2018 is coming to end in a few hours, I think its a good reminder to what to carry and what Not. Please share your feedback in comments. Bye Bye 2018 🙂


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